My Experience with Cacoo

As a frequent user of the Internet, I have great experience online. I have been acquainted with many websites. Some of these websites are just for fun. Others are those that help me with written work, reports, and even art.

Are you new to Cacoo?

After such a long time of exploring the Internet and doing new things, I was finally introduced to Cacoo by Professor Katz. I thought that I knew about most of the helpful sites since my time in the Introduction to New Media Class. I am now a new user of Cacoo, and this site has now been added to my list of websites that can help me build many first drafts.

How did you find the interface and usability to be?

While using Cacoo, I realized that it was easy to use. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to maneuver things on the site. Everything was straight- forward. I actually had fun using Cacoo. It wasn’t only about the first experience that I was  having, but it was about the interface and how fun it was creating my sitemap in Cacoo. Most first time things usually give you a challenge. Challenges are fun at times, but when you just want to get in something and start working on it, you really don’t have time to figure a challenge out. That’s what Cacoo wasn’t. I didn’t have to figure it out before I started working on my map. As I visualized something that I wanted to put on paper, I saw a helpful tool staring me right in the face on Cacoo’s site.

Would you use it for other applications, if so, when might you use it?

In the future, Cacoo will be used to help me build diagrams. For example, aside from my sitemap, I have used Cacoo to build diagrams for other classes already. A person like me that has difficulty with writing neatly and drawing can benefit a lot from a site like Cacoo. I now have a better way to communicate my work clearly to professors, classmates, and colleagues.

Please include any other thoughts or comments you have about web-diagram tool.

After using Cacoo, I realize how convenient many of these web-diagram tools are. When I finished building my sitemaps, and my two other diagrams that I needed for classes, it was really helpful to see how neat, clear, and concise my work came out to be. As a Mass Communications major, Cacoo will cut down a lot of time when it comes to drafting things. Other people that work with me may even find it easier to understand the vision that I may have for a future project, campaign, or even another website.

This web-diagram tool shows how updated the Internet is becoming. There is so much help provided on the web, and I’m actually thankful that I have had experience with Cacoo, which will be a huge help to me.



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