How I am Approaching My Site Design

1. What is your purpose and what are you trying to accomplish with your site?

The purpose of is to promote myself for future careers. I’m using this to sell myself digitally. With this site, I will incorporate a mixture of videos, my writing, and some design work that deals with my undergraduate career in media.

2. Who is the audience for your site?

The audience for my website would be colleagues and people that I have to work with. Most importantly, the site will be geared towards future employees in several media companies.

3. In reviewing Pagelines showcase, videos and documentation which sites or which sections meet what you’re trying to accomplish?

In Pagelines, the feature and quick sliders will help me showcase media from aesthetics and other art classes. Using the free blog spaces will help me distribute all feature stories, pitch letters, and press releases I have performed during my undergraduate career.

4. Have you watch all the Pagelines video? Are you ready for the task at hand?

I watched most of the Pagelines videos. I also had to google a couple of things as well. As for the task at hand, I am ready for it. It will definitely be a challenge for me, but it will be a fun learning experience.



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