“My PageLines Experience”

1)  What is working for you in your Pagelines site design?

I never thought that I would be designing a site. I always thought that it would be extremely difficult because I would have to use so many codes. Throughout my undergraduate career, I was made to believe that the only beautiful sites are those made using HTML. The only sites that are officially your own without HTML, are those like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. This is what I like about Pagelines. It changed my whole perception of what can make a site. This is one of the first sites that I know of that I can actually create a well-designed site without knowing any codes.

Right now, I would have to say that the feature slider is working very well for me. I do not have a lot of art work. However, the little bit of art work that I have done throughout my undergraduate career can be seen through the feature slider. I like that I can load all my pictures and it can be displayed on my home page. Because I have such a minimal amount of art work from my Media Aesthetics and other Mass Communication classes, they can be shown in the display without it getting out of control or becoming boring.


2)    What specific things are you still trying to work out?

Although I have figured some of Pagelines out, there is still a lot that I would like to work on. With my feature slider, there are other pictures that I would like to show, for instance my banners. But I have tried for weeks to adjust images, and it still just doesn’t show up right. They either show up to big, they may not show up at all, or they may be so tiny. I need to figure out how to get all my pictures to show up perfectly.

I had a huge problem with my nav bar. At first, it wasn’t showing up. Then, it would show up at strange places that I didn’t even click for it to show up on. I had to actually delete everything that I put originally and start over again and again until I finally got it a little right. Now my problem is the pages. Some of my work that should be in home are clouding my about page.  I now have to figure out what I did wrong there.

Some of my links are not clickable. It would be so much better for me to put pictures and have them leading to what I want to put up. For example, I want my resume to be part of website, as this is a digital portfolio. However, I don’t want people that visit my site to click on about and they just see my resume. I want it to be a link that is clickable, and then it goes straight into my resume.

I would like to add a fun page to my site, but I haven’t figured out exactly where I want to put it. I want it to be an open blog on different topics. Although it’s a digital portfolio, I also want this site to be interactive. Again, I will have to see how this will best suit me.

 3) Research PageLines on the web. Find reviews, articles, interviews. Offer a reflection on what you read. Give the URL for these articles.


 In the review, “Pagelines: The Best Premium Theme Framework for WordPress?”, Tom Ewer talks about why Pagelines is the best way to go. He talks about the fact that there is no coding and it is an easy framework to maneuver. As part of his review of Pagelines, he has an open question that asks, “Does Pagelines Fulfill its Promise.”  Many people that are users of Pagelines had mixed responses.

 One complaint was that Pagelines is good, helpful, and useful. However, they concentrate on the lack of support. They claim that although coding isn’t involved, it is very difficult at times, and might as well have codes. They also talk about how they dedicate much time to using Pagelines, but when they update their site, they lose the majority of their work. It is a very discouraging factor.

After reading this, it confirmed my doubts with Pagelines. Everyone always wants to turn to a non- code site. However, I always think about whether that is always the way to go. No matter what you do, there will always be glitz and problems that come along with what you are creating. Even if it may seem to be easier, time and effort still needs to be dedicated if you want your material to be stunning.


In the review, “Crisp and Classy WordPress Website designing”, there are mentions of many positive attributes of Pagelines. People discuss the usefulness of Pagelines and how convenient its use is. As a beginner in Pagelines, I would happen to agree that Pagelines is useful and convenient. The pricing, for one, is convenient.  There are so many people that pay an extremely high price just to have a website. I think it’s convenient and affordable for me to be able to create a digital portfolio for myself for less than $100.


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