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My Website Build Experience


1. Is building your site harder, easier or as expected in terms of getting what you want. Why? Give specific examples to explain your point.

The point of Simone Media was to promote my media work. I wanted to have a portfolio site for myself especially since I am going out to find work. In building this site, it was much harder than I thought it would be. I have always heard that coding is extremely hard. It has always been noted that platform sites are easier to deal with. However, Pagelines showed me that it wasn’t all that easy.

In the past three months of building this site, I have experienced many challenges. The first challenge was just learning how to work these templates the right way and just making sure that things were where you wanted them to be. There would be times when I would make a change to the Homepage, go back to see that the change that I implemented wasn’t made. Instead, something else that I wanted to keep was moved instead. It was extremely frustrating.

Unfortunately, it took me a long time to learn the feature slider. I had an idea for my original page, only to realize that it was extremely difficult to orchestrate. The carousel for the work page did not come out the way I wanted it to. When I added the plug in that I needed for the carousel to work, my work page got messed up. Eventually, the rest of my pages ended up getting messed up causing me to trash everything that I originally put in the website. I had to rebuild, but while rebuilding, I found ways to enhance my site.

2. What do you intend to do with your site from this point on? Will you keep it, trash it, or improve it? Explain in detail.

As an upcoming graduate of the University of Bridgeport, I am now looking for work in the media. Many companies are actually looking for something digital to display prior work, campaigns, and media collateral. I intend to improve upon this MUCH more. I feel like a lot of work has to be contributed to the website. I really want to keep it because I want to be a step ahead of my competitors. This can be done with a site. Not many people will have a web page designed nicely with a well thought out portfolio of work. I want to make sure that I use this site to make myself look good. There is a lot that I learned and that I actually can do now. I want to be sure that digitally companies that hire me can see what I have to offer. They will not only judge the work on my site, but also judge the fact that I took the time and effort to orchestrate a webpage that sells my work and myself.


3. What three things did you learn in class that you can walk away with a good feeling about learning and experiencing?

On Pagelines, in order for the banner to show fully across the page on top, it has to be put in at 100 percent in order to be shown. This is something that I struggled with in the beginning. I would question why does it not show up in full. I didn’t understand why it would only cover half of the top of the page.

Template setup has to match the page that you want to change. A slight mistake with this can end up messing up your whole site. I experienced this when I didn’t realize that I was changing things in the wrong template, yet grew so frustrated when I saw different things changing.

Everything in websites/web pages depends on dimensions. For example, the size for the favicon would have to be equivalent 16px by 16px. If there was any variation in this size when we were uploading our favicon, it would not show the way we want it to. There is a lot to uploading photos and media to a site. It has to fit within a certain context or the work will not look its best.


4.One of the main reasons in using the PageLines framework was to give us all a blog-powered site. Why is this important?

A blog-powered site is something that is up and coming. It wasn’t as popular before. Nowadays, many companies use blog-powered sites because it allows customers to connect with companies on a personal level. With a blog-powered site, it’s also easy to build networks and connect with others that are doing the same as you. Blogs on sites increases the search visibility of a website. It is actually easier to find your site via search engine optimization with a blog-powered site due to tags and categories.


5. Other Comments

Pagelines platform as I stated before was not as easy as it looked. However,  I must say when I contacted the with problems, they tried to help me the best they can and I appreciated it.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t use a coding site because if this had me all over the place, imagine what coding would have done.

Finally, I don’t regret taking this class despite the challenges that I had because I wouldn’t have simonemedia.com. It may not be exactly what I want it to be now, but I can fix it in months to come, and I definitely can say  “I HAVE MY OWN WEBSITE THAT ISN’T FACEBOOK.”